Vietnam Digital Economy Forum

Innovation, one priority for Vietnam

30 years after the Đổi mới in 1986, Vietnam has achieved a remarkable success in developing economy and society. From an underdeveloped country, Vietnam has joined the club of middle income countries with a fast-growing economy which is well integrated to global economy’s value chain. For the next 20 years, Vietnamese government aims to accelerate the industrialization of the economy and the modernization of the country. To achieve this goal, in the Vietnam 2035 report by the World Bank and Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam should deliver six breakthrough programs, of which, enhancing Vietnamese innovation capacity is clearly among the top priorities. Innovation will help Vietnam increase the productivity and spur the economy with more added value and technological components.

In the meantime, global economy and science have been experiencing a profound transformation: The world is moving into the 4th industrial revolution. Thanks to recent outstanding technology achievements, new business models, new labor forces as well as new global financial dynamics are emerging. These movements are creating systemic impacts on the economic, social models and international trade worldwide.

This global wave is making unavoidable influences on Vietnam on every facet, with the advent of the sharing economy model (Uber, Airbnb), new communications services (Facebook, Viber), online education technologies (Coursera, Udemy), new manufacturing tools (3D printers, robots),… Every stakeholder in Vietnam is facing this paradigm change and yet, many economic and social equations still to be solved.

With a high determination, Vietnamese government is seeking to turn these challenges into opportunities to transform profoundly the country and spur the economy growth. Thus, understanding the essence of the 4th industrial revolution and its multitude impacts on business, economy, society and people becomes urgent.

What is Vietnam Digital Economy Forum ?

The Vietnam Digital Economy Forum 2017 (VDEF-2017) aims to spread the awareness of these fast-growing changes and to help the policymakers anticipate future policy framework. The event will reunite worldwide renown experts who will share their vision and lesson learnt in developing the digital economy. Together with Vietnamese experts and enterprises, they will advise insightful strategic moves for the government.

VDEF 2017 is organized by the Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE) in cooperation with Ho Chi Minh City, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Information and Communications.

Date: 23rd and 24th October, 2017
Location: Rex Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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