[Startup Corner] Ella Study, a platform to connect vietnamese students and alumni worldwide

Đỗ Xuân Khoa – Ella Study co-founder

Education has always been a key pillar for Vietnam. More and more vietnamese students are willing to go abroad to join Master or PhD programs in order to have an international experience. But it can be discouraging for these students, especially if they don’t know anybody who can help them. Ella Study which ambition is to connect vietnamese students and alumni has been created to overcome this problem.

Ella Study, a vietnamese startup supported by VIISA accelerator

Ella Study is one of the startup selected by the vietnamese accelerator VIISA. It provides a platform that connects students with alumni network. The startup has been created in Hanoi in 2015.

For vietnamese students  who are already studying abroad or alumni, this is a way to earn money by providing advice to future students. For Vietnamese students, this is a way to have testimonials and to have a key contact abroad.

Ella Study startup created by an alumni who studied abroad: Đỗ Xuân Khoa

Ella Study startup has been created by a vietnamese who studied abroad: Đỗ Xuân Khoa.

Graduated from a Master in Marketing (University of Linnaeus in Sweden) and after six years spent in education, Đỗ Xuân Khoa has decided to create its startup. Indeed, he has realized that vietnamese students are not well advised. Specifically, it is difficult for them to identify the right university program. More importantly, Ella Study brings to vietnamese students a psychological support by connecting them to other students and alumni.

In september 2017, Ella Study has launched its beta version. The platform is already used by 500 members and 30 sponsors are listed. The startup business model is a P2P based model (between users) and its revenues come from consulting time (10 $/30 minutes), advertisement and use of additional tools proposed to students who want to study abroad.


VIISA website

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