Innovation & Vietnam

Since Vietnam has been implementing its Đổi mới politics in 1987, the country invests in a global economy by favouring permeable borders to foreign investments and commercial activities. In 1995, Vietnam has joined ASEAN and thanks to its outstanding economical growth rate (e.g 6% in 2016, source : Euler Hermes), the country is considered as one of the 5 leading Tigers of South-East Asia. In 2015, a collaborative work between World Bank and Vietnamese government outlined through a report (Vietnam 2035 : Toward Prosperity, Creativity, Equity, and Democracy ) six key strategies for a sustainable development of Vietnam, included innovation and technology.

It is noteworthy to notice that still more and more international collaborations are initiated to create a dynamic and sustainable innovative ecosystem. After the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) signature in 2015 to favor a trade exchange between different Pacific countries,  the European Union has also succeeded in negotiating a trade agreement with Vietnam.