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[Startup Corner] Ella Study, a platform to connect vietnamese students and alumni worldwide

Education has always been a key pillar for Vietnam. More and more vietnamese students are willing to … [Read more...]

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EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement: International conference 2017

A Free Trade Agreement (FTA) has been signed between European Union and Vietnam has signed  on … [Read more...]

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Vietnam Innovative Startup Accelerator (VIISA) to support digital startups

In Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, startups are spring up day by day. With an increasing number of … [Read More...]

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Vietnam Digital Economy Forum

Innovation, one priority for Vietnam 30 years after the Đổi mới in 1986, Vietnam has achieved a remarkable success in developing economy and society. From an underdeveloped country, Vietnam has joined the club of middle income countries with a fast-growing economy which is well integrated to global economy’s value chain. For the next 20 years, […]

Healthcare access in Vietnam: what’s new in 2017 ?

While Vietnam is innovating in many sectors, healthcare system is also part of this revolution. Although a great progression, the country is still face to many challenges for an optimum healthcare access to all the population.     Aging population and consumption changes: new challenges for Vietnam Since Vietnam has opened its borders to the […]

Free Trade agreement between European Union and Vietnam: one year later

A Free Trade Agreement (FTA) has been signed between European Union and Vietnam has signed  on December 2nd, 2015. In addition to economic details, this agreement outlines important issues for Human rights, sustainability, and democracy. More than a year later, what have literally changed between European countries and Vietnam? Free Trade Agreement: European countries are […]